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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared a few answers to commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the info you need, then please do drop us an email to

Does the app use GPS and will it drain my battery?
The app uses GPS to locate you and to check if you are at one the checkpoints. It only uses GPS while you have the app open though (ensure you select this option when installing). This ensures battery use is minimised.

I’d love to see a Quest near me, how can we organise that?
We’re always adding new Quests and would love to hear your suggestions for new locations we can create a Quest. Please do get in touch with your suggestion via the form at the bottom of this page.

Do I need a mobile signal to use the app
The app uses GPS and also requires a data connection to talk to our clever systems this end. It’s very data light though and we’re working on an “offline” version as we speak!

The app thinks I am at a different checkpoint to where I am
Some Quests have checkpoints fairly close together and occasionally your device might suggest it’s GPS position is not where you are at. This can often happen if you are moving swiftly between checkpoints! We’d suggest closing the app and re-opening and it should hopefully give a more accurate GPS position.

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