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Give your visitors & guests a new way to explore by reaching checkpoints, collecting clues and solving puzzles to win prizes. Let us take you on a Quest…

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Quest Benefits

An app that gets users thinking while keeping them active.

Changes the way explorers interact with your outdoor space.

No limits on where; Town, country, mountain or coast.

Endless ways to use the concept to engage with your audience

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Your visitors and guests will love Quest

We can create Quests anywhere that you operate and for all audiences. We’ll map the points, work with you to create content that is on brand and help you market to your explorers. Your guests and visitors can enjoy Quest as part of their holiday or visit, creating an amazing incentive to book with you.

All our packages include our full support to help create and launch kick-ass Quests you can shout about.

Partner packages

Quest made simple.

We’ll work with you to create your Quests, tailored to your brand and audience. We’ll collaborate with you to plot points, create engaging content, deliver marketing assets and monitor Quest engagement for you. The beauty of Quest is that no physical infrastructure or resourcing is needed.

These are our most common packages but please get in touch to chat to us about how Quest could work for your organisation, including exclusivity packages.

Single Location
Up to 2 Quests at a single location

Includes creation of Quests, marketing assets, piste map with points, dual-branded web pages and engagement reports.

Quests included
Multi Location
We'll really embed Quest in your offering

We'll create up to 10 Quests across your desired locations, including full support and potential to integrate with your CRM/Booking systems.

Quests included

Want to know more about Quest?

How do participants take part in a Quest?

We’ll help you create and market your Quest. Participants access a dual-branded web page we produce to find out more about your Quest(s). Here they request an access code. Using our Quest App (in the appstores), they enter this code and your Quest loads up for them. Simple as that!

We track, and share with you, engagement with your Quest web page, Quest access code requests and how many people complete the Quest.

Can Quests be updated periodically?

YES! We can easily edit and update Quest content for you. This can be great for particular times of year such as Easter and Christmas. Similarly we can create new Quests, themed around particular one off events. Anything is possible.

Is it complex to set up a Quest?

In short no. We know you are busy people and we’re here to make it as easy as possible. All our packages include our support to enable us to work with you to create kick-ass Quests. We’ll take time to understand your brand, audience, aims and location. We’ll help you work out the best points and create fun content for users. We’ll then put this all into our Quest platform ready for you to test.

Once launched, we’ll then work with you to create marketing assets to start shouting about your Quest. This could be social media assets ads, banners, flyers, posters, stickers.